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Web developer Singapore – How to create a good portfolio?

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For a professional web developer who earn a living through this job, it is not enough to be good at coding but you must also be able to sell yourself. The better you showcase yourselves, the higher possibility you will get hired from employers. In this case, a good portfolio is the greatest way to appear attractively to your future boss.

A portfolio contains all your past works and therefore it is somehow like a brief summary of how good you are at the job. Having an interesting portfolio with quality work experience will surely create a good impression on person looking to hire you even before they meet you in real person.

One of the very first things a web developer should focus on is his portfolio. It is something that will follow him throughout his career and will win jobs for him. Understand its importance, web developer Singapore will show you some good tips to create a portfolio that will get you hired.

Benefits of a portfolio

Firstly, it displays your work experience and skills. It is easier said than done, every web developer can make a long list of attractive skills, qualifications and certificates. However, you need the proof for what you said. A portfolio with projects you did or were a part of will give employer a better understanding on your ability through analyzing the results of previous work. In this case, having a detail portfolio is surely more impressive than simply listing out everything.

In addition, through looking at work experience, the employer is able to know your work preferences and passion. If you are strongly into doing a specific aspect, try putting related work experience into your portfolio to attract employers from that industry. For example, an educational entity will surely be more interested in a candidate who used to work on many similar projects such as building website for schools, library, etc. Therefore, if you are applying for a job, do a small research about your client to adjust your portfolio that will appear related to them.

Another valuable benefit a portfolio is freedom. There are many sites allowing you to create your online resume like LinkedIn. However, everything there is mostly template and when you want to express a taste of difference, start creating your portfolio. You can do whatever you want with it. It is like your own home, your virtual showroom where you are free to illustrate things you illustrate what you think would give your viewers something they won’t forget.

What should be there?

A portfolio should be able to show viewers your basic information and contact, in case they want to know more about you. And more importantly, it must effectively display your work and skills.

Here are some basic things you must have in your portfolio:

  • Your name and picture
  • A little bit about who you are
  • Your contact details
  • Recent work
  • Your skills

What should I choose?

It is easy to add personal information; however, web developers often face the dilemma of selecting what projects they should put into their portfolio. As mentioned above, you are given the freedom to do everything you want with your portfolio. If you are still confused with what to put in to it, follow this guideline:

  1. Your proud ones

A portfolio is somehow similar to your CV, which has the purpose to get your hired. Therefore, it is evident that you want it to be appealing. You don’t have to put every single projects you worked on into the portfolio, only those who make you proud of should be selected. If there are some projects that give you nightmare thinking about, then put them aside.

Try putting projects that you are satisfied and happy when they are done. For example, it could be some websites that motivate you to work wholeheartedly or the ones provided desirable outcomes and received good feedback from your clients. These experience will for sure brighten your portfolio.

  1. Showcase your skills

On adding your work experience into the portfolio, make sure to point out specific parts that you have done particularly well. If you worked hard on making a clear code or your achievement is a well-designed page that attracts visitors from the very first look, don’t hesitate to show them in your portfolio. Even if the general outcomes of those projects are not that satisfying, it is still beneficial to show parts that you believe to be impressive. This will provide employers a better insight on your skills. Be wise to select skills that are related to the jobs you are applying.

Tips for starters

If you just started your career as a web developer and there is not much to show, try looking for projects to work on. In this stage, you can’t be too choosey in deciding what should be put in your portfolio, just put it all out there, and that is totally fine.

A good advice to improve the quality of your portfolio is to look for new projects that you can work on. There are many ways to get yourself hired. In the beginning where you are least experience, look for people around you. It is a great choice to have your very first projects for friends or family members, just go out and ask them if they ever dreamed of having a website.

If there is no need of web developer from your acquaintance, another other way to have more things for your web developer portfolio is to create self-initiated projects. They are projects that you completely work on yourself and is mostly for practicing purpose. Although they seem not to be legitimate as there is no client, these projects are still able to show what you can do.

Update your portfolio

Your portfolio is the mirror reflecting your ability and experience; therefore, you would not want it to be full of old projects that you conducted with very limited skills. In addition, modern technology is rapidly changing, make sure that employers would believe that you are up to date with the newest innovation by adding your most recent projects once they are done. Regularly update your portfolio will definitely do goods to you.


In short, creating a portfolio is something that should be done by ever web developer to give himself an advantage in the competitive market nowadays. The more you focus on your portfolio, the higher possibility that you would come out with a desirable one and ultimately get yourself a job. Web developer company Singapore hope you will find these tips useful for your own practice. Good luck with your career choice!


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